Detective Comics (vol 1) #466 FN

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Signalman returns to Gotham City after years of inactivity to commit grand robberies, battle Batman, and place his foe within a deathtrap--the Bat-Signal itself. The Gotham City Police Department is baffled with the crime-wave created by the Signalman and Commissioner Gordon decides to activate the Bat-Signal, unaware that Batman is inside and would die if the searchlight is activated.  Fortunately, Batman manages to break his bonds and smashes through the Bat-Signal's glass right before Gordon could activate the beacon. Once free, Batman follows Signalman as the criminal tries to escape with all the stolen loot. Batman manages to reach Signalman as the thug drives his vehicle outside Gotham, but during the struggle, Signalman takes his eyes off the road and doesn't notice the dead end sign and his vehicle tumbles downwards a cliff with him inside. Batman manages to jump before the fall and he can only watch the apparent demise of the Signalman.


Elongated Man, trying to get Green Arrow to help him catch Calculator, accompanies the archer to the World's Series game, at which he is to throw out the first ball. When two balls thrown by GA vanish, Green Arrow is confronted by Calculator himself, who has captured the baseballs with his strange headgear device. Elongated Man finds himself powerless to pursue the villain directly. But Green Arrow uses Ralph's ductile body as a bow and himself as an arrow, and catapults himself at the Calculator, bringing him down.