Diskwars Orcs of the Broken Plane Army Set Revised sealed

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After hundreds of years of fighting among themselves, the Tribes of the Broken Plain have at last united to serve Llovar. Goblins and Orcs are pouring out of the wastes, pillaging and destroying all in their path.

Like a massive tidal wave, the great host of the broken p0lain is about to wash over the lands of Mennara.

Diskwars is a game of mighty battles, powerful magic, great heroes, and dangerours monsters. Quick to learn and easy to play! Players use creature and spell disks to fight furious wars on any tabletop. Customize your own Diskwars Army and seek to defeat your opponents on the field of battle. Diskwars is a truly new and unique type of game.

This core package contains the ruls and basic disks needed to play Diskwars with an Orc Army. Also contained herein are a number of random disks that you can recruit to make your army even more powerful and diverse.

Ages 12 and up.

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