Domino (vol 2) #3 (of 4) NM

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Domino is at Jonathan’s funeral when she receives a call on her mobile from her old friend, Siryn. She informs her that her record checking has revealed that Jonathan was working both sides in order to liberate precious items and sell them to the highest bidder. Domino is shocked. Siryn tells her about a contact of his, Krusny Silyotka, who is anxious to get hold of the weapon he has been promised. Domino asks her to reply to one of his e-mails as if she were Jonathan and let him know everything is going according to plan. She is going to find the weapon herself. The Armajesuits, meanwhile, are happy to allow Domino to do their work for them but appear to want the weapon for themselves in order to save civilization. Domino travels to Florida and is attacked by a group of soldiers as she approaches a military bunker. Her dead body is found after she is believed killed in an explosion and taken to the bunker where Project Armageddon is located. There, Dr. McKay performs an autopsy and discovers the body has been dead for some days now. Domino surprises him and knocks him out before exploding his laboratory to cause confusion on the base. She had got the body from a morgue in Miami and painted it white to look like her. Sneaking away disguised as a soldier, Domino finds computer controlled access doors and hacks her way through them before gracefully using her luck factor to avoid laser traps and open the door to Project Armageddon. Inside, Domino surprisingly discovers a small child who looks just like her. Meanwhile, lookout guards on the base’s perimeter discover a small army of Armajesuits armed and purposeful and about to enter the base. Full Synopsis: (day eighteen) Jonathan’s life is at an end. Domino attends his funeral and, once the mourners have departed, kneels down and places a red rose on his coffin. She doesn’t feel so lucky now, not when she can’t protect the people she cares about; not when the person who used to help her...