Dream Team (1995) #1 VF

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Ultraverse and Marvel characters (plus The Tick, Shi, Madman and Ash) in a pin-up book: NM-E/Bishop by Carlos Pacheco & Cam Smith, Sludge/Hulk by Shawn McManus & John Nyberg, UltraForce/Generation X by Ben Herrera, Ghoul/Captain America by Aaron Lopresti, Madman/Sludge/Fantastic Four by Mike Allred, UltraForce/Magneto by Bryan Hitch, Prototype/Spider-Man by John Romita, Jr., Lord Pumpkin/Wolverine by Jeff Matsuda & Art Thibert, Shi/Shuriken/Psylocke by Billy Tucci & Nelson Asencio, Lord Pumpkin/Scarlet Witch by Tony Harris & Snyder, Tick/Prime/Hulk by Ben Edlund, Prototype/Juggernaut by Matsuda & Moncuse, Mantra/Storm by Terry Dodson & Rachel Pinnock, NecroMantra/Hulk by Liam Sharp, Night Man/Thing by M.C. Wyman, Primevil/Captain America by Tom Lyle & Chris Ivy, Two Universes by Pacella, McKenna & Gray, Phade/Rogue by Keith Conroy & Steve Moncuse, Mantra/Dr. Doom by Ashley Wood & Temujin Minor, Lady Killer/Psylocke by Dave Roberts & Rodriguez, Solitaire/Punisher by Cully Hamner, Primevil/Hulk/Venom by Henry Flint, Night Man/Spider-Man by Art Thibert, Rune/Hulk by Tim Sale, Prime/Spider-Man by Gary Frank & Cam Smith, Lord Pumpkin/Green Goblin by Val Semeiks, Rune/Dr. Strange by Dan Panosian, Prime/Thor by Mike Wieringo & Terry Austin, ElectroCute/Cable by Art Thibert & Dan Panosian, Mantra/Warlock by Alan Davis & Mark Farmer, Tooth and Nail/Daredevil by Dean Zachary & Rodriguez, Firearm/Daredevil by McKone, McKenna & Gray, Topaz/Vision by Steven Butler & Thomas Florimonte, Ash/Prime/Wolverine by Joe Quesada & Jimmy Palmiotti, Hardcase/Colossus by Ken Lashley & Tom Wegrzyn, Night Man/Ghost Rider by Keith Conroy & Moncuse, Warstrike/Sabretooth by Salvador Larroca & Sergio Melia, NecroMantra/Elektra by Jim Balent, Night Man/Kingpin by John Romita, Sr., Sludge/Apocalypse by Geof Darrow, Rune/Spider-Man by Steve Skroce & Bud LaRosa, NecroMantra/Dr. Strange by Esteban Maroto, Prototype/Iron Man by Chris Sprouse & Rodriguez, Hardcase/Mandarin/Iron Man by John Statema, Siren/Gambit by Kevin West & Steve Moncuse. Prime/Wolverine cover by Steve Skroce & Bud LaRosa. Cover price $4.95.