Fallen Angels #3 (of 8) NM

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Sunspot, Warlock and the various Multiple Man duplicates had entered the seafood restaurant but were shocked to discover themselves in the Beat Street Club.  Sunspot's aggressive attitude towards the Vanisher was calmed after a few soothing words from Ariel who convinced them all to stay.  Ariel, Chance and Gomi made themselves at home, lounging around and looking for records.  Meanwhile, back in the seafood restaurant, Siryn began to scream out of frustration.  Multiple Man sat her down to relax over some of the cuisine. At the Beat Street Club, the two girls fetched stolen McNulty's fast food for everyone.  Jamie Madrox's duplicates merged into one so there were fewer mouths to feed.  Gomi used a powerful concussive pillar of telekinesis to clear the table and the Vanisher started to insult him.  This caused Bill & Don to attack the Vanisher, and Sunspot admired their loyalty to Gomi.  While munching on burgers and nuggets, Gomi revealed the origin of his (and the lobsters') powers: cybernetic implants.  Ariel then demonstrated her natural ability to warp space around doorways by connecting with the X-Factor complex.  There, Boom-Boom failed to get Iceman and Beast to listen to her, so she distracted them by detonating their research with one of her time-bombs.  Running into the hallway, she slid into Ariel's portal and officially rejoined the Angels. Just before they left the Beat Street Club, Ariel opened the alley door to reveal Siryn and another Jamie Madrox arriving on the other side.  With everyone assembled and taking up too much space inside, Ariel took them to an unknown place outside, promising explanations as to why she coaxed them all out there.