Fantastic Four #281 NM

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The Invisible Girl has been possessed by the evil Malice entity. Susan Storm Richards battles both her husband, Mr. Fantastic, and her brother, the Human Torch. Daredevil does what he can to help the Torch, while She-Hulk is shown still hurting from the beating she took last issue at the hands of the possessed Invisible Girl. Mr. Fantastic uses some basic psychology to goad his wife. Reed tells Susan that she would have been killed outright years ago, if not for the rest of the team carrying her. Then he does something which finally breaks his lovely wife free from the control of Malice. Reed Richards slaps the Invisible Girl brutally across the face. Sue responds briefly by beating her fists against Reed and saying that she hates him, but she is quickly freed from Malice's deadly grip.

Guest Starring Daredevil.