Fantastic Four Annual 2000 VF

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Cover by Salvador Larroca, Louise Simonson/Salvador Larroca. Continued from FANTASTIC FOUR #31, it's the penultimate chapter of the "Mr. Fantastic in Dr. Doom's armor" saga! What if you had done something so terrible that your mind would not let you remember it? Due to the recent events in FANTASTIC FOUR, Reed Richards is far from his normal self. And to make matters worse, the FF are being assaulted on all sides by their worst enemies? And it's all Reed's fault! Plus: Special bonus back-up features! Just as THOR 2000 zigged from regular series and back again, so too does this Annual directly flow between FF #31 and FF #32. In other words, everybody who reads FANTASTIC FOUR will want this book, too! 48 pages, with ads. Cover price $3.50.