Ghost Rider #46 VF

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Caretaker stands outside of Francis Ketchs house. He rings the bell and Francis answers. Without words, Francis knows that her son Daniel Ketch(Ghost Rider) is dead. Else where Stacy Dolan grieves over the death of Dan as well. At this point Michael Badilino stands outside the mausoleum in which only Ghost Rider's coat and Jacket remain. As Badilno steps into the mausoleum, he discovers Ghost Rider's skull and jacket missing. Badilino then turns into Vengeance and goes after Ghost Rider's remains and kill the one who stole them. He runs into a monstrous creature caring a bag of skulls and he wants Vengeance's skull. The monster claims he is looking for the one and think's Vengeance's skull is it. The two fight until Vengeance uses the monster's own sword against him and shots his spikes at him leaving the monster out cold. All of a sudden Caretaker appears and Vengeance hits him asking what was the point of the whole occult thing asking what have we won and why do monsters still attack the night. Caretaker has no answer. Caretaker tells Vengeance he knows where Ghost Rider skull is. It turns out Stacy Dolan had it the whole time. In the end Caretaker, Stacy, and Francis have a private burial for Dan while Vengeance goes riding off into the night as the new Ghost Rider.