Ghost Rider Captain America Fear (1992) #1 VF

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"Fear!" Written by Howard Mackie. Art by Lee Weeks and Al Williamson. Wraparound Cover by Lee Weeks. A group of doctors operates on the Scarecrow, placing fear generating implants inside him. The villain awakens from his surgery and murders the surgeons. Sometime later, Capt. Dolan oversees a robbery turned hostage situation, warning his officers not to attempt a rescue until Ghost Rider arrives. When the Spirit of Vengeance shows up and stops the robbers, the police try to arrest him. Ghost Rider escapes, but Dan Ketch is angered to find newspaper headlines the next day blaming Ghost Rider for a hostage's heart attack. That night, the Scarecrow resumes his killing spree. Police officer Stacy Dolan and her partner, Ray, find him just after he has killed a young couple, but are overcome by Scarecrow's fear aura. Scarecrow kills Ray, but in his delusions believes Stacy to be his mother, abducting her. Capt. Dolan and the police are called to the scene, which also catches the attention of Captain America and Ghost Rider. Agreeing to work together, the two heroes head off, with Capt. Dolan trailing them. Cap takes Ghost Rider to the Scarecrow's childhood home, which has a murder of crows flocking over it. They find and battle the Scarecrow, who has tied Stacy to a cross like a scarecrow. Capt. Dolan arrives, and upon seeing his daughter, tries to murder the Scarecrow, until they realize Stacy is still alive. Escaping through a window, Scarecrow falls to his seeming death, impaled on a spiked fence, but later pulls himself free, and the Firm collects him. 48 pages, FC. Cover price $5.95.