Ghost Rider (vol 2) #82 NM

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As Dan Ketch and his mother Francis tried to enter her home, they were attacked by a flock of crows infesting the house. Dan gets his mother to safety within her garage, then transforms into the Ghost Rider, who dispels the birds. He reverts to Dan and returns to his mother, who has just seen the corpse of her daughter Barbara walk across the driveway. In the apartment of Jennifer Kale, she, John Blaze and Howard the Duck deal with the sudden appearance of Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy. The reptile collapses a wall, and they all spill out onto the street below. Devil chases Blaze, Jennifer and Howard, leaving a confused Moon Boy behind, until Blaze stops to fight back. He climbs onto the beast's back and buries his knife into its neck. Devil's bellow of pain, attracts Moon Boy who rushes in, levels Blaze and removes the knife from the dinosaur's neck.As Dan keeps his distraught mother company, he watches TV when a news bulletin comes on, showing footage of the chaos. Dan looks at his sleeping mother and reconsiders his promise to stay with her. As a Code: Blue squad deals with Devil Dinosaur, Dan, as Ghost Rider, arrives on the scene. He uses his chain to throttle the prehistoric creature into unconsciousness. Shortly, Devil and Moon Boy are taken into custody, the injured Jennifer is put aboard an ambulance, Blaze accuses Ghost Rider of ruining Dan's life, and Howard resigns himself to continued exile on the planet of the humans. Elsewhere, Brother Voodoo and Lilith prepare themselves for battle against the undead. And in her home, Francis Ketch is awoken by her dead daughter, Barbara.