Giant Size Dracula (1974) #4 VF

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Cover pencils by Gil Kane, inks by Tom Palmer. New Dracula story: "Let It Bleed!", script by David Kraft, pencils by Don Heck, inks by Frank Springer; An ancient evil possesses a North Dakota town in the early 20th-century. "Forbidden Drink" (reprinted from Mystic #2), art by Pete Tumlinson; An aging actor offers to "sell his soul" for the chance to be young again and woo the beautiful young girl of his eye; No sooner does he utter the words, when a mysterious man appears at his door offering him a jug of water he claims is from the fountain of youth; He says he will claim payment...later...and vanishes. "The Gargoyles" (reprinted from Tales of Suspense #46), script by Stan Lee, art by Steve Ditko; A man discovers a race of creatures that come up from below ground that the African natives base their wood carvings upon; Since they keep their presence secret, the man worries they mean humanity harm, but everyone he speaks to refuses to believe his fantastic tale. "I Am the Living Ghost!" (reprinted from Tales of Suspense #15), art by Steve Ditko; A man enters a castle determined to prove that there are no ghosts, but the events he experiences convince him that the castle is haunted, and so he flees; It turns out that the castle does not contain any ghosts, but is possessed by animated suits of armor and living stone gargoyles. "You Can't Escape" (reprinted from Adventures into Terror #6); Breaking the fourth wall a Vampire addresses the reader, his intended victim; He tells how he first encountered his victim-to-be when he asked for help and was rebuffed; The vampire followed the reader, discovering where he lived and what comics he liked to buy. 68 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.50.