Gone Viking! Game

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In Gone Viking, you want to become the richest viking in the clan, competing against the other players as you raid and pillage for valuable resources, call upon the Nordic gods to aid you with their divine powers, and do your best to avoid the nasty Jarl who always taxes the one Viking who returns home with the most plunder!

At its heart, Gone Viking is a trick-taking card game for 3-5 players. However, judge not! In this game you have to take the right tricks at strategic times to get yourself into the best position each round. With a double-edged-sword resource collection element, Gone Viking elevates itself as a uniquely competitive game, and one that reminds players of what it was like to be a viking raider.

In more detail, each round players receive a hand of cards, with the leader then swapping up to four cards for free. After trump is declared, all players can pay to swap cards. As players win tricks, they can plunder resource tokens that are used to win the game. During the trick-taking phase, players can add multiple cards together to increase their total and play viking god cards to use those special powers. The last standing viking god in a round provides an additional benefit to its owner, and the richest player in a round will find half his wealth taken by Jarl — so aim for second place in order to keep your goods.