Green Lantern (1960-1988 1st Series DC) #88 FN

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Giant-size issue. Neal Adams cover and one interior page (the pencilled version of the cover of Green Lantern 89). The rest of the issue contains reprints: "Summons From Space!" with script by John Broome, pencils by Gil Kane, inks by Joe Giella (from Showcase 23); "The Origin of Green Lantern's Oath!" with script by Broome, pencils by Kane, inks by Murphy Anderson; and the Golden Age Green Lantern in "The Menace of the Marching Toys!" with pencils by Carmine Infantino, inks by Bernard Sachs (from a 1949 issue of the original Green Lantern series). Letter to the editor from comic writer Martin Pasko and writer Dwight Decker. Cover price $0.25.