Green Lantern #90 FN

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After a four year hiatus, Green Lantern's ongoing series made a triumphant return to DC's publishing schedule. Archer Green Arrow joined his emerald ally again, having teamed up for the first time since issue #89 in May 1972. Returning writer Denny O'Neil partnered with artist Mike Grell, choosing to focus the title on sci-fi and super heroics. In "Those Who Worship Evil's Might" the Green Lantern Corps are granted new and improved power ring weapons by their founders, the Guardians of Oa. Meanwhile, nuclear testing in the Nevada desert uncovers a centuries-old spaceship and awakes its inhabitants. Green Lantern and Green Arrow rescue an alien from his supposed aggressors, the Hallas. But, before long, the alien - Jinn - reveals himself as a criminal and Green Arrow discovered the Hallas were actually predecessors of the Green Lantern Corps. Using a re-energized gun, Jinn nearly eliminates his captors and the Green Arrow, but Green Lantern arrives back on the scene, stopping Jinn with his new power ring. Note: As part of the DC Explosion, DC relaunched this series with this issue, picking up the numbering from the May 1972 GL #89. This series is one of a handful to survive the implosion - it lasted until October 1986, with issue #205.