Grendel Tales: Devils and Deaths #1-2 Complete Set NM

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1. Grendel Drago has been fatally contaminated with radiation. But being a soldier and a warrior, he would rather die in battle than in bed. He sets out to fulfill one last mission for his General - kill the mysterious monster on the outskirts of town and die in the blaze of combat. Also in this issue: In Matt Wagner's fully painted back-up feature, the sinister Session Twins are closing in on Dr. Creach and Grendel-Prime. 'Devil Quest' continues with the first chapter of "Meat Machine."

2. Drago's last mission as a Grendel is to destroy the monster hiding in the forest, and even he is completely unaware of what really lies before him. The monster turns out to be a kindred spirit, another victim who has paid the terrible price of war. Faced with this cold reality, Drago must devise a plan that will allow both him and the monster to leave this world with dignity, and he has to do it before the ambitious Zora gets in the way. Meanwhile, back at town, the wheels of intrigue continue to turn as plans are made to remove the Grendel-General and replace him with a surprising candidate -- his son! The stunning conclusion of Devils and Deaths is from the Croatian team of writer Darko Macan and artist Edvin Biukovic, with painted colors by Eisner Award-nominee Matthew Hollingsworth.

Also in this issue: In Matt Wagner's fully painted back-up feature, the menacing Session Twins have arrived in the underground ruins of New York City. As Devil Quest continues, will we finally find out the mysterious connection between Grendel-Prime and Dr. Creach? Only by reading the second chapter of "Meat Machine" can we know for sure.