Grimm Fairy Tales Annual 2007 NM

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What if nursery rhymes and fables fell into the wrong hands? Would story-time ever be the same? Features six nursery rhymes and bedtime stories retold with the same terrifying twists that fans of the series absolutely crave!

"Jack and Jill" find that sometimes the term "undying love" should be taken literally.

"The Old Woman in the Shoe" finds her years of dishing out torment might come back to bite her.

"Peter Pumpkin Eater" is just a simple man so in love with his wife he will do anything to keep her.

"Little Boy Blue" realizes that betraying those near and dear can have dire consequences.

In "Pinocchio", we discover the true origin of the boy puppet and what troubles await his father.

Enter a world where fairy tales and nursery rhymes will never be the same!