Guild of Blades Superhero RPG Heroes Forever 1999

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The Heroes Forever Role Playing Game is an easy to learn game system using the unique D12 Results Table resoluton system. A complete game system that allows players to play a broad range of characters and power levels; to play their favorite heroes from their favorite comics. Included is an evolving look at the Heroes Forever world, with a history very different from our own. Nazi Germany is still the most powerful nation in Europe, Egypt is a first world super power, the Greek gods still rule Greece from Mount Olympus, Ghengis Khan is an immortal still leading the Mongol Hoards. A truly unique game world with powerful heroes, immortals, gods, and even alien influences.

The Core Rules includes everything you need to generate your Heroes Forever characters and begin play. Over 100 skills, powers, and advantages/ disadvantages.

Core Rules: 92 Pages. Comic Size. Perfect Bound

Cover Art by Allen Ditzig. 
Interior Art By: Mike Mason, Allen Ditzig, Stephanie Lantry, and Ed Heil.