House of Mystery #258 FR

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This comic is missing its cover.

Cover pencils by Joe Orlando, inks by Dick Giordano. Untitled story, script by Paul Kupperberg, pencils by John Calnan, inks by Tex Blaisdell; Cain invites the mailman in and shows him various artifacts related to the stories in this issue. "Blood and Tinsel," script by David Michelinie (as Barry Jameson), art by Ruben Yandoc (as Rubeny); Chad and his girlfriend Nancy are wandering round the backlot of Movietown Studios when they encounter a real vampire. "A Demon and his Boy," script by Jack C. Harris, art by Steve Ditko; Dxyp the demon is bored and wants to transport himself to Earth, but instead he accidentally summons a young boy to his realm who causes all sorts of trouble. "Gargoyle Twice A Day," script by Scott Edelman, pencils by Danny Bulanadi, inks by Bob McLeod; Joshua Levy's funhouse has a real gargoyle who drives off the gangsters who want protection money. "Dilemma" Hostess snack cakes ad with Wonder Woman. "Showdown with Death!", script by Tom DeFalco, pencils by Rich Buckler, inks by Bob McLeod; In the Old West, Death challenges gunman Edgar Elkins to a shootout. "Wake Up the Dead," script by Jack Oleck, art by E.R. Cruz; Dr. Charles Maynard transplants his paralyzed wife's brain into the body of a murderess; She stabs him to death but is arrested for the other woman's crimes. "The Champ Wouldn't Stay Dead!", script by Sheldon Mayer, art by Bernard Baily; Gangsters kill a prizefighter but his ghost returns for revenge. Cain's Game Room cartoon by Dave Manak. "Once a Criminal," script by Dave Vern (as David V. Reed), art by Frank Redondo; Hypnotist Monte Brink befriends a paroled convict upon his release from prison, but plans to use him to commit crimes. The Flash ad with Gorilla Grodd. "Street Killer," script by Wyatt Gwyon, pencils by George Rupert, inks by Dick Giordano; A serial killer is revealed to be a ghost cursed to commit every unsolved murder in New York City. Statement of ownership; Average number of copies sold during preceding 12 months (total paid circulation): 109,191 Actual number sold for issue nearest filing date (total paid circulation): 91,611. Superman Movie Report article; Biographical sketches of Gene Hackman and Glenn Ford. 84 Pages, Full Color. Cover price $1.00.