Incredible Hulk (vol 1) #261 FN

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After spending days swimming from across the Pacific Ocean from Japan, Hulk finds himself on Easter Island. Due to Hulk's calmed state, he finds himself weary and settles down to sleep. While he sleeps, Hulk transforms into Banner and is discovered by the Absorbing Man .After a battle with the Avengers, the Absorbing Man had jumped into the water and taken its properties to escape. It had taken all of his effort to keep his molecules together and by the time he had washed up on Easter Island and returned to his normal form he had lost the majority his memory, though he could still recall some events. He walks off with Banner in case he is Banner is an Avenger, whom he dimly remembers to be bad. In his hotel room in New York, Rick Jones is talking to his fellow members of the Teen Brigade when Betty Ross pays him a visit. They discuss Hulk's whereabouts and the recent death of Glenn Talbot. Meanwhile, the Absorbing Man is forcing Banner to crawl through low tunnels to reach a small cavern with a fire inside. Here Banner is held captive until Absorbing Man falls asleep and Banner escapes. However, it is not long until Absorbing Man notices Banner's absence and pursues. He catches up to Banner inside the tunnels and grabs his leg, causing the Hulk to emerge. Hulk's presence triggers the re-emergence of Absorbing Man's memory and they begin to fight. Part of the way through the fight, Creel realizes that he could absorb the entire island making himself larger and larger. But as he begins the process, boasting as he goes, Hulk uses the rock Creel is standing on as a lever and sends him flying into the air. The Absorbing Man lands in the ocean and, due to his tenuous grip on sanity as a result of being water for so long, becomes comatose. Hulk is left on the island, pondering whether he really does want to be left alone.