Incredible Hulk (vol 1) #357 VF

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The Hulk takes on the Necrophage in Hell!In Vegas Glorian informs Mr. Cloot of his need of the Maggia boss to find a physical threat to the Hulk, something he writes off as being a simple task to accomplish. While in the Hulk's mind he tears down the wall keeping him separated from Banner, and is met by Banner who confidently talks him out of killing him and giving him access to his money. He is then punched by a jealous Hulk when he attempts to have him stay away from Marlo, he then awakens in Fixit's apartment with Marlo knocking on the door and demanding to see both Bruce and Mr. Fixit. However Bruce tells her that's impossible causing a furious Marlo to storm off and tell her she will not see him or Fixit until the three of them can sit down face to face. Bruce then takes some of the Hulk's money as he buys some clothes of his own, spying Glorian on his trip. While elsewhere Mr. Cloot travels to a underground cave where he pulls a hit man by the name of Mr. Ghoul from a pit offering his freedom, in exchange for his killing of a gray demon. While in his officer Mr Berengetti dreams of Mr. Fixit going on a rage fueled rampage through the casino, while Banner begins to set up a life in Vegas, buying a suit, used car and attempting to gain a job at a research lab.