Inhumans (vol 2) #2 NM

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The newest group of young Inhumans prepare for their transformation. It is their last night before terrigenesis, and they are forced to grapple with mixed emotions ranging from wonderment to confusion and even some fear. The changes that come with exposure to the terrigen mists can cause drastic changes within an Inhuman. Questions range as to what sort of changes should one expect, what new powers will be gained from these changes, what color will one be and how will one look? Tonaja's fears and doubts are examined in particular as she seeks comfort from her grandmother. It is the night before terrigenesis and the children enjoy a final night of childhood games and pranks. Dinu, Nahrees, and Neifi play a trick on Lockjaw when they ambush him and trick him into teleporting them. Tonaja, Kalikya, and Dewoz decide to spy on Maximus the mad. The day of the transformation is a time of mixed emotions. Tonaja grows green scales and wings, a proud moment for her family as flyers are a less common mutation. Neifi grows large and reptilian, and Nahrees becomes a creature made of energy controlling the electricity she is made of, another rarity. Dinu power is not entirely known, but he must be completely covered as it is speculated that simply gazing upon his face will cause instant death. The four are powerful and the exposure to the mists has provided them promising futures. Kalikya, however has appeared not to change. Her hands become elongated, but there are no apparent powers. A potentially useless Inhuman mutation, Kalikya instantly becomes an outsider, even to her former friend Tonaja. Woz's transformation is the most unfortunate of the group. It would appear that the process of terrigenesis has transformed into an Alpha Primative--a member of the lowest cast of Inhuman culture genetically engineered to be genderless, of low intelligence, and predetermined to do hard labor for the duration of life. Woz is an uncommon mistake, something to be hidden away and ignored.

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