Inhumans (vol 2) #3 NM

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Karnak is approached by Black Bolt and Medusa about this shocking revelation. Karnak confides in Black Bolt and Medusa about this tragic event. Karnak likens Inhuman society to a house of cards. About a hundred years ago Ultarnt was commissioned by the Genetic Council to study the ritual of Terrigenesis. While Inhumans do fulfill their genetic destiny though the process of Terrigenesis, they also become a part of a much larger picture. Inhuman studies have shown that when there is a need in society for a certain roll to be filled; if an integral member of society dies a replacement comes about within a matter of three years.. Climate changes will facilitate suitable mutations. Times of war or strife will facilitate other appropriate mutations. While it is believed that Inhumans adapt based on their own destiny, they actually mutate to adapt to future needs. Terrigenesis based mutations are not random. This research has far-reaching implications and as such was kept secret from Inhuman society as a whole. An Alpha Primitive is an inherently useless mutation. Useless mutations occurring within Inhuman society are likened to the removal of a card from the base of the house of cards. An Alpha Primitive is more than an embarrassment to family or society, it could identify the collapse of Inhuman society as a whole. When Black Bolt and Medusa bring this unsettling thought to the rest of the Inhuman royal family, Crystal adds that she believes that Mother Nature is angry with the Inhumans. Inhumans have made token attempts to free the Alpha Primitives and even integrate them into Inhuman society. Inhumans may instead be moving into Alpha Primitive society like mules. Nature may ridding herself of the unnatural by phasing out the Inhumans entirely. Medusa and Black Bolt inform Carthus that Woz is to become an Alpha Primitive ambassador to the Inhumans.Dinu, Tonaja, and Nahrees begin their training as a part of the Inhuman Royal Guard under the supervision of Gorgon himself....