Iron Man #102 VF

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"Dreadknight and the Daughter of Creation!" Part 2 of 2. Script by Bill Mantlo. Pencils by George Tuska. Inks by Mike Esposito and Pablo Marcos. Cover by George Perez and Pablo Marcos. In the courtyard of Castle Frankenstein, the armored avenger and Frankenstein's monster go down to defeat at the hands of Dreadknight! And unceremoniously the invincible one and his 19th century ally are dragged off in chains to the castle dungeons! When Dreadknight visits the dungeon and harshly interrogates the Baroness Victoria von Frankenstein, the cursed creation of Victor Frankenstein breaks free! And now Dreadknight faces the dreadful consequences of his actions! Will Iron Man and Frankenstein's monster flip the script the second time around? Origin of Dreadknight. Cameo appearances by Jasper Sitwell, Madame Masque (as Krissy Longfellow), and Jack Hart. Flashback cameo by Doctor Doom. (Notes: Dreadknight appears next in the second issue of the Black Knight (1990 1st series) Limited Series. The letters page includes a letter from comics historian Peter Sanderson. A limited distribution 35-cent cover price variant exists for this issue.) 32 pages. Cover price $0.30.

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