Iron Man (vol 1) #172 VF

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"Firebrand's Revenge!"

A man is wearing a medieval armor inside Holbrook Museum in Manhattan. When the cops hold him and take his helmet off, they see that he is Tony Stark drunk as a skunk. Tony is arrested and when his lawyers pay his bail, he avoids the press and goes straight to another bar. Jim Rhodes as Iron Man is playing baseball with Stark's employees and they like him more now. Morley Erwin is still helping Hodes to control the armor and his devices. Then Yvette Avril, one of Tony's lawyers call Jim telling he has to find Tony, or he would judicially lost his Industries to Obadiah Stane. Rhodes calls the Avengers Mansion and asks Captain America to go find and talks to Stark. Tony was seen for the last time entering a bar in a slum and a beggar tells Cap he entered an old building. Firebrand sees Captain America entering the same building Tony had entered and thinks they are planning something, and despite being retired from crime, puts his costume on and attacks the building. Cap isn't able to take down Tony on his drinking problem and when he is leaving he sees the fire outside the building. Cap saves Tony from the fire and Iron Man arrives to help them, putting out the fire using a water tank. Then Iron Man sinks Firebrand in the river and arrests him. At the end, Tony manages to trick Captain America and Rhodes and get away again for more drinking. With that, Tony didn't get in time for the audience and now Obadiah Stane is the new owner of Starks Industries.