Iron Man (vol 1) #317 VF

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Flip Book - "Strange Bedfellows" Part 3 of 3. Guest-starring the Black Widow. Script by Len Kaminski. Art by Tom Morgan. Cover by Tom Morgan. Iron Man is down and the Crimson Dynamo is out! But the Titanium Man is still free! After licking their wounds; the widow, Tony, and the injured Valentin Shatalov come up with a new plan! Tony will go after the Titanium Man; however he will wear the red & white armor of the Crimson Dynamo instead of his red & gold armor! Why is that? So the Russian people won't be further demoralized when and if their once great champion falls! At the Baikonur Launch Facility, the new Crimson Dynamo catches up to the old Titanium Man! And their epic armor battle begins... while Mother Russia holds her breath! Cameo appearances by the Scarlet Witch, Spider-Woman, U.S. Agent, and Slag. Flip book second story: "Vicious Circle: Brothers in Arms" Part 3 of 3. Guest-starring War Machine, Hawkeye, and the U.S. Agent. Script by Dan Abnett. Pencils by Fred Haynes. Inks by Johnny Greene. Flip book cover by Fred Haynes and Johnny Greene. Story continues from War Machine #15. In the Central American country of San Revilla; three former avengers stand on the battlefield between the government soldiers and the rebel forces! Hawkeye was supposed to be fighting with the rebels, while the U.S. Agent was supposed to be helping the fascist regime! Has someone been playing both sides against the middle? Rhodey believes the answer is yes! So the brothers in arms will just have to defeat everybody! 48 pages. Cover price $2.50.