Iron Man (vol 3) #30 NM

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Tony recently had a face-off with Iron Man. They fought armor to armor, with Iron Man winning in the end. Now Iron Man has taken Tony to a deserted island in the Pacific, threating to maroon him if he doesn't co-operate.  After a week, Tony regains full consciousness. He sees himself tied to a tree, with Iron Man looking up at him. Iron Man says that Tony could have forgone the punishment, if he had decided to co-operate with Iron Man. Tony has no intention of doing so. Iron Man activates his repulsors. He brings it close to Tony's face. Tony feels the searing heat, knows the thin difference between life and death, yet he brings himself up to thwart Iron Man's threat. Iron Man fires.  Many miles away, Rumiko suddenly wakes up from her sleep, clearly frightened. She feels certain that Tony is in danger, yet she cannot do anything. She hugs his portrait.  Iron Man is sorry for his doings. He has fired his repulsor, seemingly killing Tony. He gets frustrated, overwhelmed by the close properties of programming that cannot let him differentiate between the numerous emotions of human beings. He asks Tony if his recent wrong-doing was out of love? Tony is still alive. He blurts out that Iron Man has done this out of jealousy and hatred, along with his lack of guts to finish the job. Iron Man gets irritated. He tries to throttle Tony. But suddenly, his Avengers distress signal fires up. He leaves Tony to die. Tony faints.  Hours later, Tony wakes up to see a thunderstorm brewing. He tries to get himself free. He escapes narrowly from a lightning blast.  Two days later, Tony has prepared himself to hunt. But he still cannot get things right. He remembers Captain America's training and prepares himself once more. This time, he gets a kill. That night, Tony resolves to end matters face to face with Iron Man. He prepares for a fight.  Next morning Iron Man returns to the island. He flies into a cave. Tony pounces upon him from overhead, striking him with a hammer....