Jack Kirby Collector (1994 Magazine/Treasury) #41 VF-NM

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In Jack Kirby Collector #41 we look at Jack's fondly-remembered (and occasionally maligned) 1970s Marvel work! First, there's a Kirby Black Panther cover inked by comics legend Dick Giordano, and a Devil Dinosaur cover inked by Mark "Cadillacs & Dinosaurs" Schultz! Regular columnist Mark Evanier talks about Kirby at Marvel in the '70s, plus we'll examine the deal Jack got to lure him away from DC Comics in 1975! There's an interview with Ralph Macchio about Jack's tenure there, plus one with Dick Giordano about Kirby and comics, and coverage of the King's work from Captain America to Eternals to Machine Man! Also, "The 2004 Kirby Tribute Panel," direct from this summer's Comicon International: San Diego, tentatively featuring Dave Gibbons, Alex Ross, and other Kirby collaborators and admirers to be announced! Plus there's our other regular columnists, and a colossal Kirby Art Gallery, showing his uninked pencil art at whopping tabloid size! (Twomorrows Publishing) Tabloid, 80pgs, PC SRP: $9.95 Cover price $9.95.