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Superman leads a strike team of several of the worlds strongest heroes as they split up to reclaim the Watchtower and begin dismantling the tech covering the moon. While Nightwing, Tempest, Donna, Arsenal and Changeling are teleported in by Raven to reach Vic's soul before their thirty minutes deadline is reached. While across Earth the remaining members of the Titans and JLA struggle with the volcanoes sprouting up across the planet as Steel works on the Titan's computer to receive Cyborg's soul. While Lantern and Wonder  Woman use his ring energies and the material of her plane to make a net as the heroes move the moon to prevent it from being pulled from it's orbit.   While in the Watch Tower Guy Garnder attempts to distract the drones as Barda, Mr. Miracle, Orion and the Atom attempt to cause the New Genesis tech to repel from the Moon. While the Titans each talk to a manifestation of Vic, letting him know they are still his friends, as Changling uses tough love in an effort to reach him. Beast Boy then uses Cyborg's desires to pacify the Titans to have Vic's father Silas appear which has the moon regain it's proper orbit. Vic then downloads himself into the Titans CPU as the Titans still on the moon drawing the Titans toward space as the JLA and their allies are forced to keep the debris from being drawn into the Earth's atmosphere, while back on the island the CPU unable to hold Vic's soul prepares to explode as Raven draws him in while Steel is forced to find an alternative shell.   While the JLA continue to stop the debris from impacting around the world, the atom sets out to use the New Genesis technology to magnetically draw the falling debris back to the moon. The abandoned Titans meanwhile are forced to come up with a plan to return to Earth before running out of air, with Nightwing suggesting having the Omega-Drome shapeshift into a ship. However the plan fails, but fortunately Omen arrives with Changling suggesting she take the Omega-Drome to hold Victor's...