Judge Anderson Anderson, PSI-Division TPB

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 "Anderson, Psi-Division!" Collects material from 2000 A.D. (1977-2006 United Kingdom) #416-427, 468-478, and 520-531. Written by John Wagner and Alan Grant. Art by Brett Ewins, Cliff Robinson, Robin Smith, Barry Kitson, Jeff Anderson, and Will Simpson. Cover by Arthur Ranson. Cassandra Anderson is a member of Psi-Division, the psychic section of the Justice Department. A precognitive telepath and empath, she can detect crimes before they're even committed! In this first collection of Anderson stories written by John Wagner (BATMAN) and Alan Grant (LOBO), with art by Brett Ewins (SKREEMER), Cliff Robinson, Robin Smith, Barry Kitson (LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES), Jeff Anderson and Will Simpson (VAMPS), Cassandra must face the horror of the Dark Judges once more, enter a demonic realm in a quest to save a young boy's life, and face Orlok, the terrifying assassin who nearly destroyed Mega-City One!