Justice League Europe (vol 1) #1 NM

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"How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On the Farm After They've Seen Paree?"

The newly formed Justice League Europe move into their new embassy in Paris, France, but the team is beset with a variety of problems. Captain Atom is very nervous about being the chairman of this new team, Animal Man's luggage was disintegrated in the transport tube, and Wonder Woman has yet to arrive.

Embassy chief Catherine Cobert tries to keep everyone calm and even shows Captain Atom his new office. He helms his first meeting, but nobody seems ready to afford him any measure of respect. As the uncomfortable meeting concludes, Catherine alerts him to an emergency in the foyer.

The JLE race to the front of the embassy where they find the bloody body of a man named Arthur Lennox lying on the floor. Before dying, Lennox muttered one word... "Braces".

Suddenly, an angry mob storms the front gates of the embassy. They shout the words "Nazi pigs!" and demand the JLE to leave Paris. As the mob begins pouring in through the front windows, the heroes try to reign them back. Just as suddenly, they all simultaneously calm down. None of them seem to know where they are or have any recollection of what they were just doing. Police inspector Camus arrives to take a statement, and Captain Atom hands him the body of Arthur Lennox. Camus reveals that Lennox was once a Nazi. Captain Atom feels that somebody is playing a nasty game and he is determined to find out who.