Justice League Europe (vol 1) #9 VF

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"Under the Skin"

Following Power Girl taking a beating during the battle with the Gray Man, she lays in a coma. A doctor informs Captain Atom and Catherine that it would be difficult, if not impossible to heal her due to her invulnerability. The doctor advises contacting a super-mortician.

Unbeknownst to Atom and Catherine, Sue Dibny had contacted Superman, worrying the Elongated Man about disobeying Atom's orders.

In an attempt to get cover for his monitor duty, Ralph goes through the League asking until the Flash corners him and the two reconcile over stories about Barry, the original Flash.

Superman then uses a set-up that Kilowog built which would help with the precise nature of the surgery.

Meanwhile, Batman tells Metamorpho that he finds him to be unstable and a threat to the team. Rex is understandably angry but comes to terms with it.

The surgery, however, is a success - despite a little confusion over some of Kara's alien physiology. One drawback is that her powers would be drastically reduced - something Kara is okay with.