Justice League of America (vol 1) #102 FR

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Comic is missing its front and back covers.


Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Johnny Thunder save the Vigilante from being burned at the stake by Indians, while Aquaman, Wildcat, and Green Lantern retrieve the Star-Spangled Kid from a prehistoric era, and Flash, Zatanna, and Red Tornado battle the sorceress Circe to recover an enthralled Speedy. With the entire Seven Soldiers of Victory team united in the present, the JLA and JSA discover that Wing, the Crimson Avenger's companion and unofficial eighth member of the team, had sacrificed his life to use the secret weapon that had defeated the Nebula-Man—the same weapon that can now destroy the giant hand that holds the Earth in its grip. Diana Prince defeats the Iron Hand, but even the master villain cannot prevent his creation from destroying the world after its controls are accidentally smashed. After the Seven Soldiers recreate their weapon, the heroes argue over which of them will carry it into the heart of the nebulous menace. Finally, the Red Tornado takes the matter into his own hands and performs the mission himself, apparently sacrificing his existence as Wing had before him.

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