Justice League of America (vol 1) #117 VF

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"I Have No Wings and I Must Fly!"

Several Justice League members are ambushed by a space attacker who resembles Katar Hol (Hawkman), and find their super-powers scrambled as a result: the Atom is increasing in size, Batman is flying, etc. The Hawkman who had apparently returned earlier[1] proves to be a mere message-image from the real Hawkman, but before the heroes can investigate further, they must overcome their altered-abilities handicap.

Their attacker, who actually is Hawkman, has been the victim of a plague initiated by a space villain called the Equalizer—a plague which has caused all of Thanagar to become "average", with each person exactly equal in power and ability to every other. Hawkman has infected the JLA members with the disease so that each has only a portion of the combined total powers of all the members, and by so doing has managed to absorb a fraction of their powers for himself in order to battle the Equalizer.

The heroes drive off the Equalizer by combining all of their will and negative emotions into it and overwhelming it. They cure themselves and Hawkman of the disease, and Hawkman resumes his relationship until such time as the rest of Thanagar (including Hawkgirl) can be cured, and he can return home.

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