Justice League of America (vol 2) #31 NM

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 "Welcome to Sundown Town, Interlude: Crisis of Confidence"

Back at the Justice League Watchtower, Wonder Woman is distracted due to Batman's presumed death, thinking of better days. The scene then shifts to Black Canary calling Hal Jordan to meet her back at the Watchtower. However, he goes to meet Green Arrow instead and Dinah tells the two to switch their com-channels, resulting in them being transported to the hyperspace bubble lounge

Dinah confronts the two about forming their own superhero team, but Olli states that he had the most fun while working with Hal and as he is getting older, it is better to let Roy Harper replace him. Diana disagrees but Hal interrupts and states they have accomplished nothing really since establishing the JLA asides from protecting villains while also losing Martian Manhunter and Bruce. He states that the idea behind his new team is to stop things like these from happening.
Barbara Gordon while strolling with Canary in Robinson Park chides her for letting them disobey as it shows disrespect. Dinah disagrees and states that it isn't about that. She later asks Roy to consider joining the team at The Kitchen, but he declines and states that he had offer his spot to Hawkman. He talks to her to about new members, to which she replies that some of them are leaving. Roy however refuses to budge.
At the Fortress of Solitude, Diana and Superman spar together. While Clark states they should spend more time sparring, Diana agrees as they don't have that many worthy opponents. Clark however states that he was talking about spending time with his good friends and regrets not having done more so with Bruce. When Diana states that he liked being with him, Clark disagrees and states that he barely tolerated her. Diana however states that he knows Bruce loved him. While reminiscing about him talking with Batman regarding his father's death, he states that how Bruce told him to not cling at the loss and instead cherish the time with their father. Clark had responded by suggesting he do the same, with Batman stating he should. Clark then states to Diana that he was kind, to which she replies that Bruce always hid it.
Dinah after finding the Fortress of Solitude, confronts the two over leaving the League. Diana states that she has to fulfill her duties to Themyscira while Clark states that he has to oversee New Krypton though he'll often come back to Earth. Dinah berates them and states that the other heroes look up to them now as Batman is dead and Hal, the only remaining founder of the League, is leaving. Clark tells her to "patch things up" with him which causes her to storm out.
Back at the Kitchen, Doctor Light, Zatanna, Vixen and John Stewart discuss the need to increase the number of members in the League. Dinah arrives and tells them that she is disbanding JLA and permanently quitting, leaving them all shocked.