Justice League Spectacular #1 Var Cvr NM

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Just after the collapse of the Justice League and Brainiac's attack on Earth, Max Lord hires the Royal Flush Gang to disrupt an international summit in Florida.

Unknown to Max though is that the Gang has also been paid by the Weapons Master to take out the Justice League's former members.
With the League disbanded, Superman responds only to be taken hostage himself.

Using an unconscious Guy Gardner's power ring and her own will power, Ice contacts Hal Jordan for help.

After gathering some help from old friends Flash, Aquaman, and Dr. Light he rallies the downed heroes to save the day.

Afterward, Superman reconsiders his views on being on a team, especially after his recent battle with Brainiac, and decides to help Hal reform not one but two new Justice Leagues!

This story follows the events of Justice League America #60 and Justice League Europe #36, then continues in Justice League America #61 and Justice League Europe #37.