Legion of Super-Heroes #275 VF

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The Legion of Super-Heroes continue to deal with the supposed death of Ultra Boy. Ultra Boy is alive and well, although suffering from amnesia, and living as a space pirate under the rule of Captain Frake. Ultra Boy begins to question his place as a pirate, finding the other space pirates to be unseemly. He is particularly astonished with Captain Frake kills a servant in a nonchalant manner. Meanwhile, the Legion find Captain Frake and her crew on a planet and attack, stopping their crimes. When the pirates make a move to kill innocent people to make their getaway, Ultra Boy jumps in front of the powerful cannon. Saturn Girl, the only person who knows that Ultra Boy is alive, cries out, believing that Ultra Boy truly died when hit with the cannon, sacrificing himself even if he had amnesia. Meanwhile, Timber Wolf feels unsettled being around so many people and technology all the time, living up to his old moniker of Lone Wolf.