Legion of Super-Heroes #277 VF

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First appearance of Reflecto Grimbor.

A group of Legionnaires rush to the ocean where they go to save a sinking ship. Phantom Girl phases under the ship to see what has caused it to sink and is grabbed by animated seaweed that is able to knock her unconscious. While the other Legionnaires are busy evacuating the people off the sinking ship, a flying superhero named Reflecto flies in and saves her, giving her artificial resuscitation. He returns her to Legion Headquarters and introduces himself while the other Legionnaires return with the saved inhabitants of the sinking ship. With Phantom Girl safe, the Legion learn from the captain of the ship that a spacecraft came to their ship and stole its cargo, and shot a ray under the water that caused the seaweed to sink the ship. Reflecto mysteriously vanishes while the tale occurs, leaving Wildfire to second-guess his intention. Eventually it is revealed that it is Grimbor that has attacked the ship. He puts his evil plan in motion and wraps the whole planet Earth in a powerful chain that prevents any spacecrafts from enter or leaving the planet. Grimbor then goes to the planet council and demands to be made dictator of the world. The Legion make plans to stop the potential despot and the Legionnaires on monitor duty, Karate Kid and Princess Projectra, see Reflecto flying after the team that had Phantom Girl in it.