Legion of Super-Heroes (vol 2) #301 NM

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The plot mainly evolves around Chameleon Boy and his journey to retrieve his shape shifting ability. The story opens with Chameleon Boy sitting on his decrepit home planet of Durla, with his father R.J. Brande. R.J. Brande informs his son that he left Durla when he was just a little boy. He also informs his son that he obtained his reptile-like abilities during a nuclear war that occurred on Durla. Before long, Chameleon Boy and his father are involved in a skirmish with the residents of Durla, who have become a barbaric civilization. After defating them, Chameleon Boy is asked to join his fellow Durlans in their barbaric ways, but he refuses and he is turned upon by his shape shifting enemies. He overpowers them with ease once he retrieves his powers through the battle, the reason why he went to Durla. With his abilities intact, he is now able to become a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes again.