Legion of Super-Heroes (vol 3) #14 VF

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The Legion of Super-Heroes hold auditions for potential new members. The Legion decide on some candidates to continue to show their powers and their ability to work on the team, including Comet Queen, Magnetic Kid, Mentalla, Energy Boy and Tellus from the Legion Academy. In the middle of the auditions, an emergency arises and Mon-El and Brainiac 5 bring along three applicants, Comet Queen, Magnetic Kid and Tellus, to test their mettle during a mission. Magnetic Kid and Tellus perform admirably during the mission while Comet Queen appears to be too vapid to the Legion members. In the middle of their mission, where they must fight against Ontiir, a new applicant arrives named Quislet and saves the day. After the mission, the Legion formally votes on who they want as their new members and Saturn Girl arrives, advocating for someone named Sensor Girl. She tells the Legion that, while she can't reveal Sensor Girl's identity, she deserves to be a Legionnaire. Trusting Saturn Girl, the Legion then induct the newest members onto the team: Sensor Girl, Quislet, Tellus, Polar Boy and Magnetic Kid.