Legion of Super-Heroes (vol 4) #5 NM

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The natural order having been restored, Mordru rules the universe from a position of absolute power. Can a handful of rebels restore the timeline of "The Knights of the Thirty," or is Mordru destined to rule forever? With Mon-El destroying the Time Trapper, the universe has changed drastically. Mordru is now a dominant force on Earth, ruling it with an iron fist. His first wife, Glorith, is a powerful sorceress in her own right, wanting to control the planet for herself. A small gathering of rebels, led by Rond Vidar, believes that there was an alternate timeline that they must bring to realization and Glorith actually decides to help them out. They figure the only way for this to work is if they bring back the Time Trapper, and Glorth nominates herself to be the new Time Trapper, to balance Mordru and his power. She does the proper spells and Mordru awakens, with the universe fading to white.