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Synopsis for Batman: "Silent Night, Deadly Night!"
This story is reprinted from Batman #239.

On Christmas Eve, Batman in on the lookout for a criminal who was been attacking several men dressed as Santa Claus whose job is to collect money for charity. After a long chase, Batman finally entounters the attacker and finds out that he is a jobless man who robs street-corner Santas of their collections in order to get money to pay his bills and give his niece a decent Christmas. The man explains that he was fired from his old job and Batman understands the man's position, but he makes no excuses for the crimes he committed. Then, the man makes up his mind and realizes that he has been taking his anger against society, when he should have used it against his former employer.

The man attacks Batman and sets out to attack his former boss, not knowing that the man was frail and old. Batman recovers in time to prevent the man from killing his former boss, but as soon as he reaches them, Batman is shocked to see that the jobless man is helping the elder man. Batman takes them to a nearby hospital, where the elder man is saved and everybody enjoys a true Christmas Eve after this unexpected miracle.