Marvel Comics Presents #22 VF

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1/ Cyclops - The Retribution Affair 6/8 : Alliance Of Convenience (8 pages)

2/ Black Panther - Panther's Quest 10/25 : Personal Risk (8 pages)

3/ Wolfsbane And Mirage - Suffer A Wolf To Live (8 pages).Wolfsbane and Mirage are in Muir Island when they see a wolf and run after her. Wolfsbane then enters Avalon, the misty city where the wolf people lives in a small town. They invite Rahne to live with them and she spent days dancing and hunting with the wolves. Outside, Mirage, Banshee and Moira are worried looking for her. Mirage uses their mental link to talk to Rahne, and them she realize she was enchanted. Rahne runs away and meet with Dani again outside the misty.

4/ Starfox - New Worlds To Conquer ! (8 pages)