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"Power Play" part 2 of 3Madness fills the mall, as Vengeance fights for his survival against Buchanan and his exorcist guns, with power-mad Psiphon as part of the deal."Slave of Passion" part 4 of 4, 'Ensnared'Tigra uses her kittenish charm and her tiger like ferocity to free the aborigine women, who were captured and sold into slavery."Behold the Man-Thing" part 2 of 4 Dazed and confused Ted Sallis is discovered by members of a genteel Southern household. The fear crazed nightmare of the swamp-creature, all but forgotten. forgotten that is, until Ted decides to enter the mysterious east wing."Confrontation" The confrontational events in this story take place before Reed Richards untimely death in Fantastic Four #381.