Marvel Comics Presents... Wolverine #4 NM

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Four -- count'em -- four senses-shattering stories in a single comics magazine! Wolverine part 4: There's a new menace in town. His name's Razor-Fist, and if you think he reminds you of the way Wolverine used to be, imagine how Wolverine must feel when he has to fight him! "The Ordeal" is written by Chris Claremont, penciled by John Buscema, and inked by Klaus Janson. Shang-Chi, Master Of Kung Fu part 4: Shang-Chi embarks on a quest to track down Leiko Wu, the woman he loves! Will he live to find her? Written by Doug Moench, penciled by Tom Grindberg, and inked by Dave Cockrum. Man-Thing part 4: The search for the super-soldier formula continues! Will it create an army of Captain Americas or an army of muck-encrusted Man-Things? Written by Steve Gerber and illustrated by Tom Sutton. Plus complete in this issue: Thor battles the Fear Worm, the creature who can bring your greatest fears to life! Written and illustrated by Al Milgrom.


Wolverine: "Save The Tiger" (Part 4 of 10)"The Ordeal"

Man-Thing: "Elements of Doom" (Part 4 of 12) "Rage and Design"

Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu: "Crossing Lines" (Part 4 of 8) "Water"

Thor "Silent Thunder"

Save The Tiger [part 4]:Previously, big things had happened to Wolverine since his arrival in Madripoor. He had a showdown at a bar, he vainly tried to reason with a girl whom he knew from his past and he got attacked by a vampire and a blade wielding man.Now, Wolverine finds himself in chains, his hands shackled to the ceiling of a room and unable to move. Sapphire Styx comes inside and kisses him once again. Wolverine finds his life-force being drained out of him, but prevails due to his healing factor. She says that she would like to have him for herself, but her contract with Roche does not permit her to do so.A short while later, Roche comes in and introduces himself. He also introduces his enforcer, Razorfist, and his torture master, The Inquisitor.