Marvel Double Feature (vol 1) #5 VG

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Reprints: Tales of Suspense #81 (Captain America) "The Red Skull Supreme" In the previous issue, the Red Skull succeeded in getting the Cosmic Cube, and now believes himself to be invincible. Captain America tries to attack him, but with the power of the Cosmic Cube, the Red Skull is able to find a defense for every attack. The Skull then creates an artificial being to defeat Captain America, in order for Captain America to be defeated in a manner like he has defeated so many others. Despite the artificial being's power and speed, Captain America manages to gain an edge over it, and just as he's about to give it a knockout punch, it disappears. Captain America is confused, until the Red Skull says that he destroyed him, since no creation of his should be able to be defeated by Captain America. He then uses the Cosmic Cube to make Cap disappear, but as he's doing so, Captain America appeals to the Red Skull's pride by saying that it would be a greater triumph for the Skull if he was allowed to live, but was the Red Skull's helpless underling. The Red Skull is intrigued by Captain America's suggestion, and decides to follow through with it. The Skull then says that with the power of the Cosmic Cube, he'll form his own version of the Knights of the Round Table, with all of them loyal to him, and with Captain America as the leader of them. As Cap pretends to suck up to the Red Skull, the Red Skull creates a suit of armor for himself. Still sucking up to the Red Skull, Captain America manages to get close enough to the Red Skull to loosen the Skull's grip on the Cosmic Cube. In a desperate bid to keep the Cube, the Skull uses its power to break up the island around Cap and him. However, in the confusion, Captain America manages to knock the Cube out of the Skull's hands, and the Skull foolishly jumps into the water after it, forgetting that he's wearing armor. As the Red Skull searches for the Cube, rocks fall upon him from the island, and he begins to sink lower and lower....Captain...