Marvel Super Heroes (1967 1st Series) #26 FN

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Cover by Jack Kirby & Chic Stone and Wally Wood. Stories by Stan Lee. Art by Steve Ditko & Frank Giacoia (as Frank Ray), Jack Kirby & Chic Stone and Wally Wood. The Hulk beats on the Russians bad enough that when he decides to leap away, they don't try to stop him; jumping all the way to the Himalayas, the Hulk is finally tired out and transforms to Banner just in time to be menaced by a local bandit chieftan; Talbot catches up with Bruce in this hairy predicament and when their captors are attacked by a rival band of raiders, Bruce and Glenn fall off a cliff to their death -- or do they -- in "Where Strides the Behemoth," reprinted from Tales to Astonish (1959-1968 1st Series) #67. Plus: The X-Men graduate from Xavier's school and the Professor tells them that he is taking a leave of absence; he puts Cyclops in charge while he is away and shows him his new mutant detecting machine, Cerebro; Magneto tracks down the Blob and invites him to join the Brotherhood; during a scuffle, Xavier's mental blocks dissolve and Blob remembers the secret of the X-Men; as this happens, the Blob's name lights up on Cerebro and Scott calls the X-Men away from a day of relaxation and back to battle with the evil mutants; during the battle with the Brotherhood, Magneto shoots missiles at the X-Men, even though the Blob is in the line of fire, and the hefty mutant, feeling betrayed, decides to return to carnival life in "The Return of the Blob," reprinted from Uncanny X-Men (1963) 1st Series #7 (minus two pages). Also: Daredevil intrudes on a phony movie shoot where the Fellowship of Fear is robbing a bank and gets himself blasted by fear gas; Mr. Fear decides to flush DD out by creating a wax figure of Hornhead for his museum; DD and Foggy both get in a brawl with the Fellowship, and Foggy is injured; and DD returns to the wax museum to put an end to the Fellowship in "Trapped by the Fellowship of Fear," reprinted from Daredevil (1964 1st Series) #6. Softcover, 64 pages, full color. Cover price $0.25.