Marvel Tales #13 VG

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Cover art by Steve Ditko. The End of Spider-Man, script by Stan Lee, art by Steve Ditko; reprinted from Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel, 1963 series) #18. Marvel Boy and the Lost World, script by Stan Lee, art by Russ Heath; reprinted from Marvel Boy (Marvel, 1950 series) #1. Let's Learn about Hank and Jan starring Giant-Man, script by Stan Lee, pencils by Dick Ayers, inks by Paul Reinman; reprinted from Tales to Astonish (Marvel, 1959 series) #59. The Mysterious Mister Hyde! starring Thor, script by Stan Lee, art by Don Heck; reprinted from Journey Into Mystery (Marvel, 1952 series) #99. 68 pgs. $0.25. Cover price $0.25.