Marvel Tales starring Spider-Man #183 NM

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At the start of this issue, the Rhino has woken up from being tranquilized and is fighting off guards. The guards are trying to  shoot him, but the bullets just bounce off Rhino. Rhino crashes through a brick wall, and remembers that Spider-Man beat him last time, so if they meet again he will have to crush him. On the other side of town, Betty Brant is showing Frederick Foswell a ring that Ned gave her. Foswell comments that it's about time the two of them got engaged, and Ned says that Betty was worth waiting for. Foswell thinks to himself that it's funny that Betty went for Ned in the end, not Peter, when Jonah bursts in and tells everyone that Rhino just escaped and he wants a story. He also asks where Peter Parker is, and Foswell mentions that they have plenty of other photographers. Jonah yells back that there are none as good as "that lazy lowlife!". Jonah then yells at Foswell to go out and get a story, and for Betty and Ned to break it up. Meanwhile, at Anna Watson's house, Peter is blind to Aunt May and Anna Watson talking to him. He  is simply  looking at Mary Jane the whole time.  Mary Jane and Peter go out to watch the TV, as Aunt May and Anna Watson whisper to each other that she's just what Peter needs, as he leads such a quiet life. Mary Jane explains to Peter that she spends most of her time taking drama lessons, and then starts dancing when music on the TV starts blaring. However, a special news report comes on, warning citizens that Rhino has broken free and citizens should stay indoors. Peter thinks that he needs to go stop him, but wonders as to how he can get away from Mary Jane. Mary Jane solves that problem herself as she asks Peter if he would like to go see the Rhino in person. She adds that they could go on his motorbike. Peter thinks to himself that that's the kind of girlfriend he needs, and so they leave Aunt May and Anna Watson so they can find Rhino.