Marvel Team-Up featuring Spider-Man and Beast #124 VF

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"The Ties That Bind!" Guest-starring Spider-Man and the Beast. Script by J.M. DeMatteis. Pencils by Kerry Gammill. Inks by Mike Esposito. Cover by Ed Hannigan and John Beatty. Professor Power (last seen in Marvel Team-Up 118) has gained incredible power after transferring his mind into the comatose body of his son! Now he's out for revenge against Charles Xavier and the X-men! Professor Power's first X-target of opportunity is Hank McCoy! The power-crazed professor gets the jump on the Beast, but the web-slinger is in the vicinity and joins the fight! However, the battle goes poorly and suddenly the wall-crawler and the Beast are down to their last hope...the Beast's mother, Edna McCoy! (Note: This issue was reprinted in Marvel Tales 241.) 32 pages Cover price $0.60.