Marvel Team-Up Annual #2 VF

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"Murder in Cathedral Canyon!" Guest-starring Spider-Man and the Hulk. Peter Parker's date with Cissy Ironwood is interrupted by the Soviet Super Soldiers! Where in the world did they come from and what do they want with Cissy and her father? After the Crimson Dynamo, Darkstar, and Vanguard pummel Aunt May's nephew and abscond with Cissy and Professor Ironwood, the web-slinger turns to the Fantastic Four for help! Meanwhile in Montana, a KGB agent asks Bruce Banner to join the effort in stopping the rouge General Kutzov and the misguided Soviet Super Soldiers. In the Colorado Rocky Mountains, the Spectacular Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk battle Vanguard, Darkstar, and the Crimson save the world! And also defuse the anti-matter bomb! An outstanding story! Cameo appearances by Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Girl.

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